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   Planning & Investigation Site Planning and Development Schemes
Site Investigations and Surveys
Feasibility Studies and Economic Appraisals
Institutional Complexes, Industrial and Residential Areas Planning
   Buildings Office Buildings
Educational Institutions
Libraries and Museums
Medical Colleges and Hospitals
Banks and Commercial Buildings
Television and Telecommunication Buildings
Auditoriums, Theatres and Cinema Houses 
   City & Regional Regional and local development Planning
Micro Economic Studies
Agricultural & Industrial Resources Development
Feasibility Studies and Area Development
Schemes for Urban & Suburban Areas 
  Hotel, Hostel
  Residential Accommodation
Planning and Design of Hotels of various categories
Hostels for Students, Nurses, Doctors, Scholars, Bachelors
Residential Suites, Married Accommodation
Conversion & Rehabilitation of Buildings as Hotels
Banquet Halls, Conference Centers, Function Rooms
Restaurants, Kitchens
Back-of the House Service & Storages, Laundries,
Health Clubs, Sports facilities 
  Housing  Low-cost Housing
Multi-storeyed Residential Buildings
Site Development and Residential Colonies  
  Highways Bridges & Airports  Transportation Planning
Urban and Rural Highways
Roads and Pavements
Traffic Studies
Highway Bridges, Overpasses, Underpasses Interchanges  
  Factories and
  Industrial Structures 
Chemical and Fertilizer Plants
Textile Mills and Factories
Silos and Bins
Storages and Godowns  
  Hospitals and
  Pharmaceutical Plants 
Planning & designing of hospitals, specialty hospitals
Pharmaceutical plants
Health-care Centers
Medical colleges & teaching hospitals
Post-Graduate Medical Centers
Nursing Schools & hostels
Up gradation of hospital facilities, operation theatre suites etc.  
  Harbor Structures  Quays, Jetties and Wharves and
Other Harbor Structures  bsp;
  Water Supply and
  Sewage Disposal Hydraulics 
Municipal and Industrial Water Supply Systems
and Water Treatment Plants
Sewerage Systems and Sewage Disposal
Water Resources Development
Hydraulic Structures
Water Storage Reservoirs and Towers 
  Electrical Generation,
  Power Distribution and
Design of Power distribution system for Townships, Colonies, Industrial Plants
Design of local distribution systems, Transformation, grid stations, rural electrification
Energy conservation, energy planning
Illumination Design for multi-storeyed Office buildings,
Television Stations, Chemical and Fertilizer Plants
Textile Mills, and other Factories,
Power Plants, Civil Design for Turbines,
Generators, Boilers etc.  
  Landscape & Horticulture  General site planning, including circulation patterns (road hierarchy)
Development of different types of Open Spaces
such as Lawns, Parks, Parking Lots, Play Areas, Landscaped Area, Buffer Zones etc.
Design of finishing surface for pavements, sidewalks, planters, edges (materials and patterns)
Design of Plantation of trees & shrubs for open spaces 
  Interiors  Design of Interiors, Public Spaces, Offices Interiors,
Hospital Interiors, Signage, Control Systems
Furniture & Furnishing, Special Finishes 
  Mechanical / HVAC Services  Design and supervision of industrial projects,
Mechanical installations in buildings and civil engineering works, including investigations,
preparation of piping layout drawings, isometrics, design and drawings of steel structures
Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning,
Planning and special services like medical gases etc 
  Radio / TV
  Transmission and Telecom 
System Planning and preparation of projects
T.V. Studios Designing and Rebroadcast Stations and Links
Radio Broadcasting Stations
Receiving and Transmitting Equipment, Antennas, Towers Buildings, Civil Works
Services, acoustics, electronic equipment
Supervision of installation & testing 

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